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Veetgold 100% nature essential oil body corrector vitamin c oil 1000ml


Veetgold Carrot and Almond Body Corrector and Repair Oil (for face and body) Carrot and Almond Oil Extract 1000ml. New Condition.
Veetgold oils are made from natural pure plant extract to erase and clean black spots, wrinkles, pimples and dead cells from the body and face. Veetgold multivitamin oil corrector is formulated from mixture of different plants to give the face and body a natural glowing skin

Veetgold Amino acid & glycolic acid x3 triple extra whitening shower bath 1000ml


Effectively cleans the dirt and oil on the skin, penetrates into every pore of the skin, allows the skin to breathe again, and reduces the secretion of oil, thereby preventing the skin from clogging and acne, allowing the skin to emit moisture and luster, and improve the skin condition, suitable for most skin, it will a healthy and beautiful experience to your family and friends.

Veetgold clear dark spots whitening scrub ( kojic acid & alpha Arbutin extract) face & body scrub 600ml


Reduce dullskin, removes uneven skin tone, gives skin whitening effect, contains kojic acid and alpha arbutin, removes dark spots, scars and pimples.

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Veetgold kojic acid & vitamin c extract whitening shower bath 1000ml


What it does

Veet Gold Super whitening & nourishing Scrub shower gel Organic 1000ml
is an Organic intense whitening mist blended with lightning and firming agents. Rich in vitamins to ensure your skin is well hydrated. Has no harmful chemicals.


Veetgold skin repair 3in1 body treatment oil whitening firming + Toning with spf20 150ml


Veetgold 3 in 1 body treatment oil gradually fades dark marks. Treatment of all kinds of facial and body problems, clears pimples, eczema, acne, wrinkles and stretch marks. It also tones the skin.

Veetgold vitamin c extra whitening Clean&clear super scrub face and body 650g


This products is for treatment of spider views ,wrinkles, anti aging, green veins, spots, pimples, stretch marks, black spot, cellulite. Its very effective in fading stretch marks. Coffee content is a very effective treatment in fading stretch marks, its also whitens the skin to create a flawless look, even toned skin.

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