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B.fresh lit from within illuminating body serum 236ml

  • i’ve got it all with hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, licorice root + vitamin c
  • the skin-brightening ingredients work to smoothe uneven texture & tone, treat hyperpigmentation & dark spots
  • the antioxidant rich blend works to protect skin from environmental damage
  • paraben free. cruelty free. skin loving ingredients. natural fragrance. 100% vegan.

B.fresh smooth AF EXFOLIATING BODY SERUM 236ml

  • multi-fruit extract + glycolic acid work to gently exfoliate, improve skin texture, fade hyperpigmentation & fine lines
  • hyaluronic acid + vitamin e restore moisture and smooth skin
  • i improve your overall complexion by exfoliating those dead skin cells that gotta go
  • paraben free. cruelty free. skin loving ingredients. 100% vegan.

B.fresh squeeze the day citrusy cool energizing body wash 473 16oz


infused with…

invigorating ginseng, antioxidant-rich citrus extracts, natural fragrance, plant and mineral based cleansing ingredients

B.fresh stop and smell the…( roses all day ) deodorant 75g

  • smell like fresh roses all day. deodorant made with a blend of natural odor-eliminating ingredients and enhanced with hyaluronic acid to keep your underarms soothed and your skin feeling great.
  • along with all day defense against odor are the skin loving benefits of hyaluronic acid, plus fresh essential oil fragrances for a rose scent that will have you taking a whiff of your own pits all day.
  • just roll me up and wipe me in your pits when they’re clean & dry. that’s it, you’re good to go.
  • b.fresh deodorants are enriched with skin conditioning ingredients and jam-packed with a blend of plant and mineral-based odor neutralizers. they have no nasty aluminum or added parabens and won’t leave any residue or stains behind.
  • no gimmicks. no nasties. paraben free. aluminium free. alcohol free. natural fragrance. cruelty free.
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B.fresh sweeter than… ( honey almond) deodorant 75g


A deodorant made with a blend of natural odor-eliminating ingredients and enhanced with marula oil for pits that smell & feel sweeter than honey

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